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 National Standard Number 81025
  Hazard marking 20(Acid corrosion products)
  Molecular formula H2SiF6
  molecular weight 144.09
  Anhydrous fluorosilicic acid is a colorless gas with unstable chemical properties and is easily decomposed into Silicon tetrafluoride and hydrogen fluoride at room temperature.
  The aqueous solution is strongly acidic and the strength of the acid is comparable to that of sulfuric acid. The highest production60.92%The aqueous solution, concentrated solution cooling, has colorless water-containing fluorosilicate precipitation. Its aqueous solution is a colorless, transparent fuming liquid with a pungent odor; boiling point108.5℃;dense    
  Degree: Relative density(water=1)1.32();Stability:13.3%The most stable.
  It has strong corrosion to the skin and is toxic to human respiratory organs.
  Main uses: The raw materials for the production of fluorosilicate and Silicon tetrafluoride are also used in metal plating and wood preservation. They have disinfection properties and can be used as disinfectants in beer brewing.

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